Shotcrete for Soil Retention (shoring)
Safety Is Our First Priority

Typical excavations have room to safely slope or step the sides of the excavation. Inner-city excavations and last remaining lots in new subdivisions are limited in space and often require straight-cut excavations. OH&S regulation states that if an excavation is more than 1.5m deep, the wall needs to either be cut back or a protective temporary structure must be installed. If the excavation is more than 3m deep, the temporary protective structure must be designed by a professional engineer.

Working with Calgary Home Builders since 2010

  • Straight cut vertical excavations with no room for safe sloping.
  • Protection of neighboring fences, swales, trees, electrical boxes, power poles and sidewalks during excavation.
  • Property line retaining wall construction.
  • Cantilever Shoring System – for single level parkades – used as shoring and permanent foundation combined.


What is at risk of a soil collapse?

  • The space between the excavation and the wall is a trench-like hazard
  • Cribber’s safety
  • Weeping tile installer’s safety
  • Damproofer’s safety
  • Neighbour’s fence, sidewalk, trees, foundations, gas meter, AC units, swale, electrical boxes, power poles, and retaining walls
  • Owners/builders liability of all workers safety

SprayForce Concrete Services Ltd. has been providing shotcrete soil retention (shotcrete shoring) in the Calgary area since 2010. We are COR certified, and corporate members of the American Shotcrete Association and have three ACI-certified nozzlemen.

No shotcrete used

What you should know about shotcrete soil retention systems:

  • Shotcrete stays in the ground, no need to remove anything before backfilling.
  • Shotcrete can be completed on short notice, and often in one to two days.
  • Any soil type can be shotcreted.
  • We have extensive experience dealing with unstable soil conditions.
  • Engineering available.
  • Call us before you dig and we will work with your excavator to stage the dig.
  • Soil retention for inner city and new construction in residential neighborhoods and 1 level parkades
  • Retaining walls

To make sure that your next residential construction project a success, contact us to learn more about shoring.